Urban Transportation Concept and Sustainable Urban Mobility in Smart Cities: A Review

Inese Mavlutova (Coresponding Author), Dzintra Atstaja, Janis Grasis, Jekaterina Kuzmina, Inga Uvarova, Dagnija Roga

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In order to create a sustainable future for the urban environment in s=Smart cities, it is necessary to develop a concept of urban transport, partially reduce the use of traditional transport, primarily cars, as well as the environmental pressure on society, which is essential to move to a sustainable urban future. In the latest discussions on the future of the urban transport system, the quality of the environment, and the possibility of its improvement are discussed, this issue became especially relevant with the onset of the pandemic, when the lockdowns were introduced. The problem of sustainable transport in urban areas has been recognized in academic studies, searching for appropriate models and solutions. The article presents the latest literature review and illustrates the newest trends with several examples. VOS Viewer software has been used to classify the different keywords, according to their co-citation, following clustering techniques. By analyzing the research conducted by other researchers, it has been possible to structure the ecosystem and trends in the Urban Transportation Concept, also mentioning likely future trends. Based on the literature analysis of the Sustainable Urban Transport, the authors of the study found that a large group of researchers deal with technical solutions and innovative business models, while the essential behavioral aspects are examined in less detail. Extensive literature analysis allowed the authors to select several solutions to achieve the transformation towards sustainable transportation in urban areas: new vehicle technologies and their environmental factors’ analysis, geographic information systems, the analytic hierarchy process method, the time series analysis of road traffic accidents using multiplicative models, electrification and use of Friedman Analysis of Variance by Ranks, as well as innovations in sharing mobility.

Original languageEnglish
Article number3585
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - 21 Apr 2023


  • car sharing
  • individual transport vehicles
  • low carbon transport means
  • smart mobility
  • sustainable urban mobility
  • urban transportation concept
  • urban transportation models

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  • 2.1 Civil engineering
  • 2.7 Environmental engineering
  • 2.11 Other engineering and technologies

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