Volume and placental quotient correlation with BMI and parity

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To evaluate whether parity and BMI affect placental volume and placental quotient in the first trimester.
Material and methods
140 women undergoing first trimester screening were prospectively assessed using three-dimensional ultrasound in order to measure PV using the VOCAL software (Voluson E8, GE). The off-line analysis was performed by 4D View software and PV was calculated using VOCAL option (85°). Body mass index (BMI) was calculated (k/m2) and recorded. To assess parity influence on the placental volume patients were divided in two subgroups - there were 60 patients in nullipara and 80 in multipara subgroup. Spearman’s correlation coefficient (ρ) was used to study the relationships between all the studied variables. P < 0.05 was considered statistically significant.
The median PV in nullipara group was 73.88 mm3 and 71.86 mm3 in multipara group, therefore there were no statistically significant difference between two groups (ρ=0.12; P=0.63). The median PQ in nullipara group was 0.22 and 0.19 in multipara group, there were no significant difference between two groups (P=0.53).
On the average BMI was 23.7 (range: 17.1-43.1) kg/m2. BMI did not correlate with PV (ρ=0.12; P=0.23) or PQ (ρ = 0.075; P=0.56) Conclusions
The results of our study suggest that placental volume does not correlate with parity of BMI. The limitation of current study was the small numbers of patients. Further studies are needed to evaluate the influence of parity and obesity on placental volume.
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JournalEuropean Gynecology and Obstetrics
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Publication statusPublished - Nov 2021
Event14th Congress of the European Society of Gynecology - Online, Venice, Italy
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