Youth Intentions to Public Administration Development: Baltic States and Germany Case Studies

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As in any other organization there is uninterrupted development process in public administration going on for decades and in some countries for centuries. Public administrations in the Baltic States and Germany have gone through many changes – the foundation of the countries, the lose of independence, wars, regaining of independence, baby booms, changes in political regimes and economies, involvement in international relations, population migration waves. Not only have the governments been changing every 2-4 years, but also the generations, the people and this process of change will go on as long as the human civilization will exist. In the next 10 to 30 years, the work carried out by public administration will be taken over by the next generation, namely young people currently attending schools and universities and receiving state services provided by existing policy-makers who are currently planning and ensuring the
development of public administration. They are implementing various kinds of national and supranational policies, including youth policy which in its turn is mainly targeted at those young people who will replace the aging generation.
Will they? On the background of demographic statistics (low birth rates, high emigration) and economic statistics (high unemployment, debts, lower income), which also affect demographic statistics, as well as taking into account the
overall attitude to public administration, the answer to the abovementioned question might seem debatable.
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Title of host publicationRecovery of the Baltic States after the Global Financial Crisis: Necessity and Strategies
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NameWorking Papers of the Research Project on the Baltic States. Annual Report 2013
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